Dong Sung BeFe’s 27th Annual Baby Fair!

Once again our South Korean partners, Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals, exhibited great professionalism and passion for BioKill at BeFe’s 27th annual Baby Fair!

The event is always an excellent opportunity for all parents who are interested in using non-harmful insecticides around their young children and babies. And it certainly was hard for anyone to miss BioKill’s bright yellow catching the attention of all those passing by.

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NAFDAC approval in Nigeria: Done!

Approved register! Yes that’s right! The National Agency for Foods, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) registration in Nigeria has finally come through! We are stoked by this achievement as it is by far the most challenging step within the process of registering products in a new country.

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Baby Fair in Korea!

Dong Sung Bio Pharm. Co., Ltd., our long standing Korean partner, has marketed BioKill with great successes over the years, one of the most recent we are pleased to be able to share with you!
Mr. Kim Yun Soo, Vice Chairman of Dong Sung, wrote: “It is our pleasure to send you pictures of Bio Kill from the Baby Fair Dong Sung participated in. It is one of the biggest fairs for babies in Korea. Many expecting parents and nursing mothers were gathered from all over Korea for the three day event and showed a big interest in Bio Kill and what is had to offer.”

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Bio Kill goes to Bad Erlach!

After so many months of preparation, it´s all over!…. BUT … what a success! Taking place at the Linsberg Asia Therme in Lower Austria, Jesmond had the pleasure to witness our partners from so many different parts of the world including Asia, Africa, North America, and all over Europe, interacting all together at one event.

Thank you to all for your participants and for the great feedback we have received following the three-day-event. From our side we also heard many enjoyed the trip and, well, the spa wasn’t bad either for some relaxation after a hard-day´s work!

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Presenting the Bio Kill micro-fast revolution!

Bio Kill micro-fast is the latest addition to the Bio Kill product portfolio. It is a fast acting insecticide utilized to eradicate and control all life stages of flying and crawling pests. Although mainly intended for inside eradication, it can also be used outside on all surfaces such as on organic, synthetic and wood areas.

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Bio Kill goes CNN

We are proud to present this news coverage from our long-standing partners in Hong-Kong reported by News channel CNN. Apart from distributing a wide-range of Bio Kill products within their market, BioCycle additionally offers both domestic and commercial locations a chance for a pest-free environment with their successful PCO pest-control business.

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