Finely tuned balance of efficacy and safety

Environmentally sound

Odorless - thanks to water based formulations

No Irritation & low mammalian toxicity

Immediate and long-lasting efficacy – thanks to tailored release & efficacy

Suitable for different treatment methods


Our encapsulation technology results in no irritation & low mammalian toxicity. It releases just enough active substance to solve the problem, making our product range an environmentally sound solution.

Household products

Due to this unique combination of safety, efficacy, and high yield, this supreme quality product is, despite having an elevated shelf price, highly economic in its use and therefore highly competitive.

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Industrial application

A fast knock-down

An encapsulated controlled killing agent

It is designed to be used as a heavy-duty eradication insecticide for humid, hot and other known complicated conditions. It is also effective for terraces, sun panels and outdoor tents.

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The science behind the products

The basics of microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is a technique used to “embed” a well-defined concentration of an active substance within a coating enabling less frequent re-application. By doing so, the release of the active substances can be prolonged with high efficacy rate towards crawling and flying insect pests, odours are suppressed, and the degree of toxicity reduced. Active substances which are commonly affected by exterior conditions (such as weather), are stabilised in order to optimise their biological activity and therefore avoid release during entire shelf life. Add to this the factor of biodegradability of the outer capsule and what you will end up with is an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative applicable to extermination.

The composition of the capsule

The composition of the capsule itself is formed through emulsification using a cross-linking agent that forms the microcapsule wall at the inter-phase of the oil droplets. During emulsification, a droplet size is produced and forms the inner diameter of the capsule. Within the active substance it contains an inert fluid modifying the mobility while the diffusion occurs through the pores of the capsule wall. Upon touching the porous/non-porous surfaces and drying, the active substance starts to release from the microcapsule.


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