ENPRO celebrates 20 years of Successful BioKill Partnership with Jesmond!

20 years gone in the blink of an eye- and now in 2014 our Italian partner – ENPRO – invited to celebrate 20 years of successful partnership with Jesmond! ENPRO has been since the very beginning an ever-so-valuable and appreciated partner, with whom we hope to share many more years of BioKill success with!

The anniversary was celebrated in the most perfectly suited and beautiful “Ristorante Principe Leopoldo” situated in Lugano-Montagnola (Collina d’Oro)! SWITZERLAND; with conversations being held in all languages, from Spanish, English, German to Italian, well let’s just say those language skills were put to the test! And the food? Our Managing Director, Jürg Thöni described it as “exquisite” and “creative”.

A big applause to both ENPRO managing partners Mr. Zoller and Mr. Aime for this fantastic accomplishment, and well of course, may those years keep on buzz’n by!