The proprietor of all formulations, trademarks and registration dossiers which are compiled according to the latest biocides directive in the respective country

About us

Established in the late 1980’s, Jesmond’s long standing presence in the biocidal market has evolved over the years to arrive at today’s established Jesmond Group of Companies. With our Holding company in Switzerland, Jesmond Holding AG, and our main headquarters in Austria, Jesmond BioScience GesmbH, we find ourselves in the midst of a ground-breaking development with manyfold applications of patented micro-encapsulation technology.

How we succeed

What we do best: the Jesmond-Group offers a comprehensive service of technical- and marketing know-how to lead its brand, technology as well as investment into formulations. In extending Jesmond's aim to provide a global service, our esteemed partners and distributors play a vital role.
Jesmond and its partners share a common goal in the belief that biocides are an essential part of today's world and a necessity in controlling harmful insect pests. These infestations are capable of carrying dangerous diseases (such as Zeka, Yellow- and Dengee Fever) and limiting the quality of life for millions of people around the world. To achieve our goal, we work with professional marketers who know and are established within their respective market and sales channels. Jesmond's in-depth experience in developing formulations and biocidal registration dossiers on both a national as well as international level, offer our partners a solid support system.
We strongly believe that the term biocides ought to go hand-in-hand with maximum safety and efficacy. In continuously challenging ourselves to improve our formulation, we support our belief in a pro-environmental generation of biocides that keeps families and businesses pest-free.

Our products

Household products

Bio Kill / Clean Kill

Due to this unique combination of safety, efficacy, and high yield, this supreme quality product is, despite having an elevated shelf price, highly economic in its use and therefore highly competitive.

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Industrial products

A fast knock-down

An encapsulated controlled killing agent

It is designed to be used as a heavy-duty eradication insecticide for humid, hot and other known complicated conditions. It is also effective for terraces, sun panels and outdoor tents.

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