BOMBEX® Farumy – excellent test results in combating red mites

One of our PCO (Pest Control) partners has conducted a field trial to assess the effectiveness of our product, BOMBEX® Farumy, in managing red mite infestations on poultry farms while prioritizing the safety of both the animals and the farm personnel.

Red Mites

Dermanyssus gallinae poses a pervasive threat to poultry health and productivity, resulting in economic losses and raising animal welfare concerns on poultry farms worldwide. Red mite populations can rapidly establish themselves, and once infestations become entrenched, they prove challenging to control. Regular monitoring is crucial to address infestations at the earliest opportunity. Consequently, the development of safe and efficient control methods is essential for the sustainability of the poultry industry.

BOMBEX® Farumy

The product is a controlled-release insecticide designed for the management of both flying and crawling insects. The active ingredient Prallethrin ensures a quick knock-down effect, while the microencapsulated active ingredient Cyphenothrin acts as a potent killing agent, providing long-lasting residual activity for up to 12 weeks.

BOMBEX® Farumy is suitable for application in various settings, including public hygiene, food storage, agricultural premises, stables, and poultry farms. It is versatile and can be used as a barrier application, for spot and crack and crevice treatment, as a surface spray, as a space spray (ULV), and for both cold and hot fogging.

Field Trial Key Data

Location Selection:
For the trial, a breeding poultry farm with a history of severe red mite infestations was chosen, ensuring a representative sample.

Size of Location:
Approx. 1100m2

Type of Livestock:     
Parent stock farm specializing in broiler egg production

Number of Animals:
5500 birds, comprising 10% males and 90% females

Trial Duration:   
3 months, conducted in summer of 2023

Following the farm’s cleaning, BOMBEX® Farumy was applied.
One week later, the animals were introduced to the farm.

Recommended treatment:
Spray application
50 ml in 5 L water
5 L / 100m2

The product was applied with a motor pump onto the walls, surfaces, wooden animal “boxes”, cracks and crevices.

Data Collection:   
The population of red mites was monitored and controlled using sticky traps placed on surfaces where the animals laid eggs and where mites are typically found on the farm. Throughout the trial, the animals and their eggs were also monitored daily and clinically evaluated for any signs of potential infestation with red mites.


The trial provided the following key findings:

  • Effective Red Mite Control:
    BOMBEX® Farumy exhibited a substantial reduction in red mite populations on the participating farm. Additionally, there were no macroscopic signs of red mites, and no mites were detected on the sticky traps.
  • No Impact on Birds:
    The insecticide had no adverse effects on poultry health, egg production, or meat quality. Birds remained healthy and productive throughout the trial.
  • Economic Benefits:
    Participating veterinarians reported decreased production losses and increased profitability attributed to improved poultry health and the absence of red mites.


After the treatment with BOMBEX® Farumy, there were no visible signs of red mites. The farm managers expressed high satisfaction with the results.


Housed animals during the trial

Animal housing incl. yellow sticky traps

Yellow sticky traps


For data protection reasons, we have not named any individuals or companies involved in the study.