Where’s the Cat?

We are blow away by the handwritten letter received by Efekto, our partners in South Africa, written by gentleman complaining about the removal of the cat from out BIO KILL Pet Care product.

We thank him very much for the time and effort he has taken to communicate his concerns and of course, as always we appreciate the amazing feedback.

The letter reads: (we have kept the author of this letter anonymous for privacy reasons)


Dear Sir/Madam,


 I have been using this product on my cats for the past ten years without problems. BIO KILL is an excellent product. It really works… and my cats don’t object to it. None of them have had an “allergic” reaction from BIO KILL.

I am therefore very disturbed that you have removed “FOR CATS” from the label.

BIO KILL is effective and it is economical. I’ve found that cats object the least to BIO KILL than to any other product.

I always spray it on … and then rub it in wearing a rubber glove… not a plastic glove.

My problem with you removing the words FOR CATS from the label… is that now poor people will have to depend on cat flea powders which are difficult to apply and which are often not effective and which cats hate…while wealthier people will resort to the more expensive products which are also not that wonderful.

Therefore… the cats lose out. Cats in South Africa and all over the world suffer terribly from ticks and fleas… and now they are losing out on a wonderful product which is effective and economical (affordable).

This is simply not fair. If one or two pedigree cats have experienced an allergic reaction to BIO KILL… then why is it necessary to remove the words FOR CATS from the label???

I can assure you that some cats have allergic reactions also to spot-ons, powders, dips, shampoos, and other sprays, etc, etc.

I request you please to put a cat next to the dog on the label…

I can assure you that the great majority of cats are thankful for BIO KILL.

Please promote your product.


Kind regards Bio Kill Pet Care




To clarify the answer to this complaint, the reason we had to remove CATS from the label is based upon the request of authorities which compare our  product (which has a dilution of 0,25%) with products available in the market which have far higher concentrations and might have caused some certain breeds of cats to have allergic reactions while others, as identified in the letter, have absolutely had no negative reaction with the application of our product whatsoever.

Where’s the Cat?