Fresh BIO KILL Design – F. Lima S.A., Portugal

Our Brand and Trademark needs to live in the present while transmitting the values and held promises to the future. Bio Kill’s appearance hasn’t adapted since the 90’s while purchase behaviour has changed. Due to these changes, Bio Kill was challenged to evolve without losing its identity, legal security and connection to the large and very loyal clientele.

F. Lima, located in Portugal, which has the highest per Capita sales of all our partners, redesigned in cooperation with Jesmond, the Bio Kill appearance and launched the new bottle design shortly after the Covid-19 restrictions began to loosen.

Jesmond is proud to have such a committed and courageous partner and has conducted a short interview with Mr Luís Miguel Salas, Marketing Director at F. Lima S.A.

Jesmond: What is the message of Bio Kill? What makes it so unique?

Mr Salas: Knowing the characteristics and benefits of the Brand, we decided to make a market study to understand the perception of consumers better. One answer was that Bio Kill was the only Brand that consumers identified as Biodegradable. Thus, we defined that the positioning would become clear “The Biodegradable insecticide”, as the only one that can make this statement.

At the same time and in view of the characteristics of the product, we defined that the Brand Positioning would be based on Protection, because it allows transmitting to the consumer that when applying Bio Kill, the house is protected for 4 or 8 weeks, contrary to what happens with the competition that it has an immediate effect but has no protective effect. So, the brand signature became “Protection is the best attack”.

© F. Lima S.A.

Jesmond: Where are the insecticide trends heading?

Mr Salas: The Portuguese market is still very dominated by aerosols, representing around 45% of the market, although with a continuing downward trend.

Consumers, increasingly informed and more concerned with issues such as toxicity, odour, impact on nature will progressively seek products that respond to these principles, being a clear opportunity for Bio Kill.

Jesmond: What was your motivation or intention to redesign the Bio Kill appearance in the shops?

Mr Salas: We believe that the new positioning of the Brand, necessitated a change in the image of the packaging, conveying, on the one hand, greater modernity and differentiation from the competition, and reinforcing the main aspects of the positioning.

POS Stand © F. Lima S.A.

Jesmond: Covid-19 had and still has a big impact on all of us and especially on the economy. But nevertheless, you started launching the new Bio Kill design shortly after the restrictions were loosening a little. Isn’t that risky?

Mr Salas: Obviously, the moment we live in, will have strong impacts. However, we believe that the opportunity outweighs the risk. At a time when the word “protection” is very present in consumers and customers, the relaunch of the Brand based on “protection is the best attack” makes perfect sense to us.

Jesmond: Would you like to share something with all the Jesmond partners who are struggling with the Covid-19 situation worldwide?

Mr Salas: The moment we all live in has implied and will imply changes in the buying behaviour and attitude of consumers and customers. The message we would like to send is that this situation will force us to find new ways of doing things, maintaining a positive mindset because together, we will overcome all difficulties.

Shop Display © F. Lima S.A.

Statement from Jürg Thöni, Jesmond’s Group CEO:

Involvement with Bio Kill’s market appearance is a steady reminder of our long history as this has started in the mid 80′. As such we’ve seen first hand two main graphic changes and many smaller adaptations of the TM. During my 20+ years of observing and discussing our products with marketing specialists all over the world, the requests for a new look, from the new generation of marketing professionals, have become more frequent in recent years.

While understanding and knowing the effects of any such change from first-hand experience, Jesmond values the input from partners, specifically such with mature markets as they are also risking to lose established clients.

These observations have led us to discuss and develop new designs. Jesmond is presently testing two different adaptions. The results of this phase will be a big part of Jesmond’s next seminar, which shall take place once travel restrictions are lifted. Then we will present the versions tested and share evidence and results achieved with all our partners. If all turns out as planned, we will then have the possibility to offer to our existing partners to either adapt or stay with the present TM’s appearance for a little while longer, while all the new partners will use the updated TM look.